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"Thank you for working with me on this project. You guys made it easy and the smoothest project I have worked on.
Your machines are good and sell themselves, but your service department, with Peter, Brian, Yvonne, and the rest of the crew,
wins hands down as the best service support group I work with. Those guys are your best selling points to anything you sell
and is why I recommended your machine above any other one we looked at."
Darin Anderson, Big Top Shelters
A valued & continuing HMT customer since 1999
Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

Electric CNC Tube Bender - Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. specializes in , All-electric CNC tube bender, Tube Laser Cutter Machines, semi-automatic tube & pipe bender,
pipe bender tooling, Tube & Sheet laser, robotic tube cells and tube fabrication machinery of all types.

Horn Machine Tools - The World's Best Made-in-the-USA

Solution for All Tube Fabricating Needs

亚博yaboo亚博yabovip118角机床有限公司是世界领先的数控tube bender equipment and tube laser cutting technology—We supply tube Electric CNC Tube Bender – Tube Laser Cutting Machines for aerospace, shipyard, automobile, and many additional heavy-duty applications. Since 1990, when HMT President Kent Horn automated his first single-axis tube bender, we’ve produced premium, made-in-the-USA All Electric Tube Bending machines for worldwide use. Our machines are well accepted worldwide, with hundreds of units installed in North America, alone.

Our tube benders have a very wide range of applications, from bending simple, single bends in single planes to very complex bending using a CNC tube bender. We look for the machine that will solve your particular application needs, keeping your budget in mind.

Our laser tube cutter machines combine many processes into one machine by utilizing fiber laser technology. Conventional saw cutting, drilling, machining, punching, and engraving can all be achieved on our fiber tube lasers. Combining all these processes into one machine saves time and cost when processing tubes in large batches yet the machines versatility allows the user to easily make prototypes or small batch production.

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HMT Fusion 80

HMT Fusion 80,the best all-electric tube bender for high production and capability at a competitive price

CNC Tube Benders


The best combination of Value/Capability/Durability available. 1,000’s of CNC tube bender machines installed worldwide. Fully supported & serviced in North America by Horn Machine Tools.


Heavy duty American made CNC tube bender machines ranging from 2″ to 10″ capacity for the most demanding applications.

CNC Tube Laser

Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

Our tube laser cutting machines allow our customers to combine many cutting and engraving operations into one versatile machine. Fully supported & serviced in North America by Horn Machine Tools.

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Check out the Horn Machine Tools, Inc. line of fully All Electric CNC Tube benders. Fast, Powerful and accurate…

Global leading companies use our CNC Tube Bender machines to perform the most difficult and demanding applications in their industries:

  • Our machines bend the rollover protection structure for the Caterpillar 380-ton mining truck.

  • Even Indy and NASCAR racers use our tube benders.

  • HMT CNC pipe benders are used to form the pipes for the Navy’s LCS – Littoral Combat Ship

  • HORN CNC benders are used by many of the top exhaust builders for high quality bending of alloy tubes. Our users include, Pro-street, NASCAR and Indy car builders.

  • HMT benders are used to from exhaust pipes for Toyota trucks and Nissan vehicles.

Why is Horn Machine Tools the most trusted supplier of tube bending machines? Here at HMT, we place a big emphasis on service and support. We start up, train, and commission all machines that we manufacture. We have a quality-trained service staff team with the experience to find the best solutions for your tube bending needs.

We offer simplicity for the operator, easy maintenance, and reliable service. No matter the industry, no matter the job, no matter the challenge, Horn Machine Tools provides the world’s greatest tube bending machines. For a complimentary consultation, contact us at (559) 431-4131.

“We have the machines to bend for any application that you give us. Our machines are durable and long lasting, and we have the service to support and back up our machines”—Kent Horn, President of Horn Machine Tools, Inc.

Testimonials From Our Clients

After 20 years and several different benders, our HMT 3.5 All Electric
is by far the best machine we have ever had.
It performed so well we bought a second HMT All Electric

-Ron Fuller, Owner, Stainless Works
Our HMT 3.0E multi-stack bender outperforms
any pipe bending machine we have ever had.

-Mark Rogers, VP of Operations, Flowmaster
We have purchased five HORN Metric pipe benders.
They run every day, produce high quality parts and
help, when we need it, is only a phone call away.

-Ron Jacobs, Total Concepts
If you do not see a tubing bender here that meets your needs call us at (559) 431-4131 and lets come up with a solution.


New Integrated Tube Shear


HMT offers integrated tube shear on All Electric Multi-stack tube benders…

New Southeastern Regional Sales Manager

HMT adds new Southeastern Regional Sales Manager…

Fabtech 2018 TUBE LASER

Tube Laser, Laser Tube cutting machine, BLM, Trumpf, LVD, Mazak

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. will have it’s latest TUBE LASER at FABTECH 2018 in Atlanta…

Industries We Have Built For

Horn Machine Tools continues to supply tube bending machines, including the innovative CNC tube bender machines, to hundreds of industries for:

• Aircraft, aerospace and airport equipment
• Military applications for the Department of Defense
• Shipyard and marine tools and equipment
• Automotive and large diesel truck parts and engine systems
• Motorcycle and ATV exhaust and aftermarket parts
•赛车and motorsports parts and exhaust systems
• Tractor and Ag construction equipment and safety protection structures

And so much more! From aluminum tube bending processes, copper pipe, carbon steel, and alloy steel to titanium, copper-nickel, and stainless materials, we’ve got the tube bending machine that can do the job.